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Who has nukes?
By Reuters -
According to the Federation of American Scientists, the United States has an estimated inventory of 7,200 nuclear warheads, with 1,900 of them strategically deployed. REUTERS/Jung Yeon-Je/Pool 
Russia is estimated to have around 7,500 nuclear warheads, although the total is uncertain because there is no accurate count of tactical weapons. Of these, an estimated 1,750 are strategically deployed. REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov 
France has pared down its arsenal to approximately 300 nuclear warheads. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier 
Britain's nuclear stockpile consists of about 200 strategic and "sub-strategic" warheads on four Vanguard-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor 
China is estimated to have about 250 strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, and stocks of fissile material sufficient to produce a much larger arsenal. REUTERS/David Gray 
India has formally declared itself a nuclear weapon state. New Delhi is likely to have manufactured weapons-grade plutonium for at least 100 warheads. REUTERS/Indian Defence Research and Development Organization 
Pakistan is believed to possess a nuclear inventory of just over 100 warheads. REUTERS/Stringer 
Israel is widely understood to possess a sizable nuclear arsenal but maintains a policy of nuclear ambiguity. Based on estimates of the plutonium production capacity of the Dimona reactor, Israel has enough plutonium for approximately 100-200 advanced nuclear explosive devices. REUTERS/Jerry Lampen