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Gender pay gap
By Reuters -
1. Personal finance advisers have the widest gender gap of all professions, with women making just 61.3% of what their male counterparts do, according to 2014 U.S. labor statistics. REUTERS/Stephanie Strasburg 
2. Physicians and surgeons: 62.2%. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson 
3. Securities, commodities and financial service sales agents: 65.1%. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid 
4. Financial managers: 67.4%. REUTERS/Chris Keane 
5. Top executives, like venture capitalist Jenny Lee: 70.0%. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith 
6. Retail salespersons: 70.3%. REUTERS/Julia Robinson 
7. Human resource managers, like recruiter Nickole A. James (R), seen here speaking with job-seeking students in Washington: 71.2%. REUTERS/Jose Luis Magana 
8. Bartenders: 72.4%. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri 
9. Real estate brokers and sales agents, like Fafie Moore (L), Reality Executives owner/broker, and realtor Helen Riley, who are looking over the backyard of a home being offered for sale in Henderson, Nevada: 73.3%. REUTERS/Steve Marcus 
10. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers, like Linda Reynolds (L) and Carrie Walters, seen here giving a tour of their long-haul truck "Betsy" in Des Plaines, Illinois: 73.7%. REUTERS/Nick Carey