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China's no. 10 most-wanted fugitive repatriated, Xinhua reports
By Bloomberg -
Pei Jianqiang, who fled China in 2009 following charges of alleged corruption, was repatriated on Jan. 1, according to the official Xinhua news agency, which didn’t say where it got the information.
Pei, a former director at Chinese Enterprise International Cooperation Co., was arrested in Guinea on Dec. 25, Xinhua reported Friday. He ranks 10th on China’s list of the 100 most-wanted overseas fugitives.
Last year, the government published a gallery of photographs of the top 100 suspects as part of a campaign dubbed “Sky Net” to find and return them. Huang Yurong, the woman ranked fourth on the list, returned to Beijing voluntarily from the U.S. in December.
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