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Wetland shows off wild beauty in northern Vienam
By VNA -
Xuan Thuy National Park in the northern province of Nam Dinh is located in the south of the Red River mouth, about 150km from Hanoi capital city. It covers an area of 7,100 hectares.
Fertile alluvium of the Red River and the sea has created a wetland rich of wild fauna and flora 
Tourists get on a boat to visit the national park 
Forests in Xuan Thuy National Park help settle alluvium, provides a habitat for aquatic species, and ensures ecological balance 
In January 1989, Xuan Thuy joined the Ramsar Convention, or the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat 1971 
 It is the first wetland in Southeast Asia to take part in the Ramsar Convention
Local residents harvest gracilaria in the park 
Xuan Thuy National Park boasts the harmony of the nature and the human being 
 The wild and peaceful beauty of a mangrove forest in Xuan Thuy