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Vietnam’s xe om service enters digital age with GrabBike app
By Thanh Luan - Thanh Nien News -

The GrabBike can be found on the GrabTaxi app

The Malaysia-based company behind taxi-booking app GrabTaxi has launched a new service hosting motorbike drivers that you can call from your smartphone in Ho Chi Minh City. 
GrabBike, which is available in the GrabTaxi app, allows users to order a xe om (motorbike taxi) via the popular iOS and Android app. 
A GrabTaxi representative said Vietnam is the first market to roll out the GrabBike service. It will pilot the service in HCMC before extending it to other cities or countries. 
Using GrabBike will be safer than hailing a traditional xe om, as information about the driver, his photo and the bike’s license plate will be displayed. Users will no longer have to worry about haggling or being ripped off as the estimated fees will be displayed on the app. 
Those who sign up to become drivers must provide full personal information such as a state ID, drivers’ license, residency certificate and such. 
GrabTaxi, which started in 2012, is currently in six markets across the region, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. GrabTaxi is facing growing competition with new entrants such as Easy Taxi and Uber entering the region, according to AFP.