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The best breakfasts for a cold morning in Da Lat
By Thanh Nien News -
These little rice pancakes are a common choice of breakfast in the Central Highlands’ resort town. The cakes, called banh can in Vietnamese, are cooked by pouring a mixture of rice powder and egg into round clay molds. The rim should be burned a little to make a tasty cake. 
Now you dip the cakes into a bowl of special sauce made from fish sauce, fried shallots and some seasonings. It’s nice to sit next to the warm oven to wait for the cakes. 
A bowl of noodle with lemongrass broth and slices of beef is another warm start for a day in Da Lat. 
Add some slices of red chili, a few drops of lemon juice and some herbs and you can dig in. 
A more simple breakfast is bread with meatballs, which come in a bowl of pork broth and onions. Photo credit: VnExpress
This restaurant has a coal oven for customers to toast their bread a bit more if they want. Most restaurants in the Little Paris make sure their diners have everything hot. 
Men play chess while having morning coffee at a café. People in Da Lat are known for their slow pace of life, compared to other popular cities in the country. 
Many prefer a cup of coffee while having a chat with others.