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Rocky 'swan' of Bai Tu Long Bay lost its 'head': report
By Thanh Nien News -
 Thien Nga (Swan) Islet after the top part of its structure collapsed. Photo: Can Dinh Loan/Tuoi Tre
 Thien Nga (Swan) Islet before the collapse. Photo: Can Dinh Loan/Tuoi Tre
The top part of Thien Nga (Swan) Islet, a limestone pinnacle resembling a swan swimming on the Bai Tu Long Bay, collapsed, likely due to natural erosion, a news website report.
The islet rose about 15 meters above sea level in Bai Tu Long, immediately northeast of the famous Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam.
Photographer Can Dinh Loan told Tuoi Tre news website that he found out about the collapse during a trip to the bay in June.
"I think it's a shame that such a natural masterpiece was [ruined] like that," Loan said.
Tran Van Hien, Director of the Bai Tu Long Bay Conservation Center, confirmed the collapse.
"It was most likely a natural geological event," he said. "It had rained heavily in the bay... which caused limestone layers to erode and slide down."
Hien said the collapsed part was located at the bottom of the islet, but he feared it was too damaged to be restored.

Bai Tu Long, a sinking limestone plateau that gave birth to its spectacular islands, is a "laid-back alternative to the touristy bustle of Ha Long Bay," according to Lonely Planet