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Rice terraces in northern Vietnam: A view to die for
By Meo Gia - Thanh Nien News -

Terraced rice fields in Lim Mong Valley

















The northern province of Yen Bai is famous for stunning terraced rice fields, and Lim Mong Valley is one of the best places to see the fields.
The valley is located underneath the mountain pass Khau Pha. There lie the spectacular terraced fields that have enchanted a large number of tourists and photographers alike.
People usually say the rice terraces in Lim Mong look best in the harvest season, when the rice plants turn yellow. But they do not know that June is also a very good time to enjoy the beauty of the fields.
In June, when first summer rains pour down the mountain, locals start to channel water from the mountain into the rice fields.
The rice fields now have this brown, sparkling color, as a combination of the soil and the water.