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Pu Mat National Park, a cool summer getaway
By Thanh Nien News -

Pu Mat National Park, established in 2002, spreads over an area of 194,000 hectares in the central province of Nghe An.

Pu Mat’s entrance gate. It takes about three and half hours to get to the park from Vinh town and eight hours from Hanoi by bus or train.

The highlights of the park’s natural features include the beautiful Giang River, the crystal clear Moc Spring, and the Kem Waterfall.

Houses near the Pu Mat National Park.

A view of Pu Mat.

Visitors at the park.

The Kem Waterfall, where enormous volumes of water plummet 150 meters year round and cool a wide area with their spray.

Tourists can hire a boat or a raft to catch fish.

Pu Mat boasts amazing biodiversity in its wet forests with 2,500 plant species and 1,000 animal species.

Tourists can live in the villages of Thai people to discover their culture and enjoy their food. 

Photos credit: Lao Dong newspaper