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Photos of ethnic kids catching snails in mud pond go viral
By Linh San - Thanh Nien News -

Children of Thai ethnic catch snails in a mud pond near Tay Trang Border Gate with Laos in Dien Bien Province. Photo: Manh Tai




An amateur photographer named Manh Tai, 28, accidentally captured the moments of children of Thai ethnic catching snails in a mud pond in Dien Bien Province, near Tay Trang Border Gate with Laos during his trip to the northwestern area in June 2012. 
But it wasn't until April this year that he posted on some online forums and social network pages and surprisingly, his photos have gone viral. 
Tai said he saw many children, shirtless, catching snails with their parents in the pond in a remote village. He gave the kids some money, but they did not know it was money and refused to take it.
He regretted that he was unable to talk to them since they and their parents did not speak Kinh language.