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Nha Trang to blacklist overcharging hotels, restaurants
By Thanh Nien News -
Tourism authorities in Nha Trang have been ordered to publish names of overcharging businesses online after local media reported several cases including one when the complaining diners had food thrown at them.
Le Duc Vinh, chairman of the central province of Khanh Hoa that oversees the resort town, said at a recent meeting the authorities have to protect Nha Trang’s tourism fame by helping tourists avoid “rude and overcharging” businesses.
Vinh said the website of the province’s tourism department needs to name such businesses and update the list every day.
He expressed frustration as Khanh Hoa’s finance department conducted 32 inspections and ended up reporting no pricing violations in Nha Trang during the recent Lunar New Year Festival.
But the local media then reported “with firm evidence” at least two hotels which charged many times beyond their listed prices, he said.
In another case, a waitress at a restaurant threw food at two local tourists when they asked to see the manager over a dish of “expensive, cold fried rice” on February 15. The dish was priced VND150,000, around US$7.