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Lanterns again bring out the best of Hoi An
By Nguyen Tu - Thanh Nien News -
Hoi An can never go wrong with lanterns
 A lantern festival is organized at An Hoi Statue Garden in the ancient town on February 2-22 to celebrate the Tet Lunar New Year. Classes of making lanterns and folding origami-like items with bamboo leaves are available for visitors until February 14. Photos: Nguyen Tu
 Traditional houses are reproduced with lanterns.
 A monkey lantern marks the Year of Monkey.
 A lantern on An Hoi Bridge
 Another giant lantern on the bridge
 Dragon is one of the four holy creatures in Vietnamese folk culture, besides qilin, tortoise, and phoenix. The mythical creatures are often presented in local festivals and religious buildings such as temples and family altar houses.
 Qilin, or ky lan in Vietnamese, is a mix of different creatures, such as dragon and lion.
 A tortoise-shaped lantern
 Lanterns illuminate An Hoi Bridge
 The Hoai River
 Lanterns can also be seen elsewhere in the ancient town
 In front of a communal house
 The town's icon Chua Cau (Pagoda Bridge)
 Besides lanterns, Hoi An celebrates Tet Lunar New Year Festival with a string of activities such as street music performances, a boat race on Hoai River and folk games.