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Khmer pagoda, a must-visit destination of Bac Lieu
By Thanh Nien News -

Coconut palm trees in the campus of Xiem Can Pagoda. Photo credit: Vietnam News Agency

Xiem Can Pagoda from the outside.

The gate of the pagoda is decorated with the statues of multiple-headed snake and many other elaborate engravings.

The pagoda's roof is decorated with a tower's top

A five-headed snake engraving on the entrance to a room in the pagoda

A bird-god engraving

An overview of the pagoda

A relief outside the main hall of the Xiem Can Pagoda

The statue of the lying Buddha in the pagoda

The main altar in the main hall of the pagoda

Sala - the place for monks to rest and also the place that monks and Khmer Buddhists gather in the Xiem Can Pagoda

Khmer children attend a class in the pagoda

Towers in which dead people's remains are buried outside the pagoda's main hall

Photo credit: Vietnam News Agency
Xiem Can Pagoda in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu is a splendid architectural structure of the Khmer community and has long been a famous spiritual destination of the province.
Once visiting the pagoda, one will understand why it is listed among the biggest and most splendid Khmer pagodas in southern Vietnam.
Built in 1887, the pagoda is located on a spacious and airy campus with the gate turning to east. It has imposing architecture with Cambodia’s Angkor décor style.
The pagoda is not only a place to honor Buddha but also a center of Khmer culture and education. Before reaching the age of 18, Khmer children will be brought to the pagoda to learn about Khmer script, Buddhism and cultural characteristics of the Khmer community in three years.
During major Khmer festivals, Xiem Can pagoda is filled with locals and visitors who come to pray for luck and happiness.