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Inside northern jungles, a beautiful lake like no others
By Thanh Nien News -
The fresh water lake in Ha Giang Province has trees growing from its bed

 Noong is a natural lake that can be as large as 80 hectares (198 acres) in the monsoon. Tourists have praised it as another masterpiece of the northern province of Ha Giang, besides Dong Van plateau which is the only place in Vietnam to win UNESCO recognition as a global geopark.
 The lake is just 23 kilometers from the province’s capital town but the primeval coverage of 700 hectares around it is overwhelming.
 But what earns the lake “fairyland” nickname is the trees growing right inside it. The trees are more exposed in the dry season, when the water surface shrinks to a fourth. The lake is linked to underground streams from the surrounding mountain, and the Lo River. It has different kinds of fish, some coming over from the Lo.
Locals can catch or farm fish and shrimp from the lake every monsoon and then share with each other. They raise ducks and plant vegetables around the lake in the dry season. And they make those into delicious specialties such as grilled fish, sour soup with fish and jungle leaves and fermented bamboo shoots. 
Visitors can have locals sail them on dug boats around the lake when it’s flooded.  
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