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Hoi An to open top tourist attractions for free during Tet holiday
By Dieu Hien - Thanh Nien News -

Fujian Pagoda is among the places that tourists can enter for free during Tet. Photo: Dieu Hien Fujian Pagoda is among the places that tourists can enter for free during Tet. Photo: Dieu Hien

The heritage town of Hoi An in central Vietnam will let tourists visit the Japanese Bridge and 20 other cultural destinations for free during the Lunar New Year festival.
The list also includes temples, museums and the town’s most famous ancient houses.
Officials said the free admission will last through the four main days of the week-long festival, from February 18 to 21.
Fireworks will explode over the Hoai River on the Lunar New Year's Eve from 10:30 p.m.
Hoi An, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, is charging foreigners VND120,000, or nearly US$6, and locals VND80,000 for an entrance ticket that includes admission to a limited number of attractions.
Foreigners can choose to explore any five tourist spots of their choice with the ticket and locals have a selection of three.
Places open for free this Tet:
- Temple Bridge or Japanese Bridge
- Cam Pho Temple
- Quan Cong Temple
- Tuy Tien Duong Minh Huong Temple
- The worshipping house of the Tran family
- Commercial Pottery Museum, with artifacts reflecting the busy trade at Hoi An port in the previous centuries
- Sa Huynh Culture Museum, which honors a culture that flourished in south central Vietnam between three thousand years ago to 200 AD among the predecessors of the Cham people.
- The Traditional Culture Museum.
- Four ancient houses: Quan Thang, Duc An, Phung Hung and Tan Ky
- Three clubs Fujian, Chaozhou and Guangdong where Chinese descendants meet regularly and worship their ancestors and guardians. 
- The Workshop of Traditional Craft and Arts.
- The XQ gallery for embroidery paintings.
- Tombs of Japanese traders who helped make Hoi An a trading center