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Coffee shops that open all night in Ho Chi Minh City
By Nguyen Luan - Thanh Nien News -

Young men play music by the sidewalk stool at a coffee shop that serves through the night in District 1. Photos: Thien An Young men play music by the sidewalk stool at a coffee shop that serves through the night in District 1. Photos: Thien An

It’s midnight and you’re still up and your friends are still up and you want to have a chat with some warm coffee and soft music.
Will any nice coffee shop be open that late?
At least five do in Ho Chi Minh City.
Heritage Coffee & Clothes
The coffee shop at 10 Pasteur never closes. The interesting thing about the place is it offers both a vintage corner with a typewriter, some old music players, an antique telephone and used tan milk cans that serve as cups and a contemporary corner with modern bicycle models and graffiti paintings.
 The vintage corner at the coffee shop.
Most regular customers at the café are young employees in marketing and event management, who say the mixture of old and new provides them with inspiration.
One of the signature drinks at the shop is egg coffee, originally a Hanoi specialty, which is an eggy version of cappuccino with hot coffee from a filter, condensed milk, and egg yolk.
Thuc Coffee
The name of the shop, which means “awake,” already suggests a long night. It was originally a shop at 158 Pasteur Street but has been developed into a chain with two more outlets at 33 Ly Tu Trong and 11 Le Quy Don, where customers can enjoy a drink and watch the traffic ease to a stop as night falls.
StepUp Coffee
This is a place where many people love to climb to the rooftop to grab a view of the city’s downtown, but you can choose one of the seats on the sidewalk to enjoy coffee amid the surrounding bustle.
An old milk can serves as a cup at Heritage coffee shop.
Young customers, including those who don’t drink coffee, favor the shop as it serves different kinds of yogurt, tea and cakes.
StepUp is located at 32 Pham Hong Thai, also in District 1.
D.O.T Café
The shop at 85 Nguyen Cu Trinh is not only a place for the sleepless, but also for motorbike lovers as it displays many new and unique motorbikes. The place is noisy until 9 p.m. when bike cognoscenti meet and discuss their trips.
Mr. Tam Coffee
This is a shop for those who truly love urban life as it stands at one of the biggest traffic points in the city – the circle on Cach Mang Thang Tam in District 1, thus the name, where five other roads converge.
Choose a table upstairs and one can capture a perfect picture of the city’s incredible bustle.
The cafe is a popular choice for those who need to work late as it also serves side dishes like custard cakes with salted duck eggs and dry crispy rice with pork floss.