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Be smart and sharp flyers
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Be smart and sharp flyers

It’s very easy to fly with Vietjet these days as one can buy an economy class ticket for almost any flight time to save money, or a SkyBoss class to enjoy convenient services, also at reasonable prices.
Dinh Hung, a businessman from Hanoi, woke up early to catch a 6:05 a.m. flight by Vietjet to attend a conference in Ho Chi Minh City at 8:30 a.m. He had in-flight breakfast and spent some time on the plane looking over his speech. He finished his business in Ho Chi Minh with little cost and no trouble.
The businessman used to book a night flight in business class and a room at a luxury hotel for such early meeting far away in the past, which cost him more than VND10 million (US$444) each time.
But he has changed his mind of travel the past year and switched to Vietjet for more cost-saving and convenient choices.
“I can save both time and money with Vietjet’s early flights. I can also watch sunrise from the plane and be completely refreshed before the meeting.”
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Many businesspeople in Vietnam, both local and foreign, have made such smart travel choices.
Most companies these days require their members to do any business efficiently. Even leaders of a company would choose the most money-saving option possible when they need to travel for business.
“A one-way air ticket in the business class costs as much as the monthly salary of one staff member at my company. As a leader, I have to be considerate in spending the company’s money.”
Flying economically has become a way for a person to prove their responsibility as a leader of a business, demonstrating their leadership through smart consumption.
Early flights, night flights and early bookings all enjoy interesting prices from Vietjet. Many businesses said Vietjet’s flexible pricing policy allows them to save up to half the travel cost for their leaders.
Passengers can gain even bigger benefits by signing up for the carrier’s daily promotions. A passenger recently won a car worth around VND1 billion ($44,370).
Vietjet is offering 180 flights a day, including more than 20 two-way flights between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and more than ten between Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang. Many passengers have said that air travel between big cities has never been so convenient and simple.
Hung said flight delay is not a big problem to him, because “it’s the common transport problem, like traffic jam on the road.”
He said the flight delay rates are pretty much the same among carriers in Vietnam.
While Vietjet tickets allow one to save cost, it does not mean they prevent the traveler from enjoying all the convenience.
The carrier recently introduced the SkyBoss Class for business travelers, which offer privileges similar to a business class ticket.
The passengers have their own check-in booth and an exclusive gate for security check, 20 kilograms of luggage free of charge which can be exchanged for a golf kit, and a pick-up car to and from airports; and they can reschedule their flights, which is not available for buyers of other classes at the budget carrier.
SkyBoss passengers also have their own waiting chamber at the airport with a bar, a food court, wireless Internet and devices for both work and entertainment demands.
They sit in the front part of the aircraft, in comfortable leather chairs, enjoy food and drinks from a menu of nine steamy dishes and more than 30 kinds of drinks, and they can buy duty-free luxuries only available on Vietjet.
As a luxurious yet modern travel style, SkyBoss Class has become a favorite option for businesspeople and celebrities who have busy schedule.