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A stunning beach in central Vietnam goes from mossy to multi-colored
By Thanh Nien News -
Co Thach is as clear and blue as most other beaches in central Vietnam.
Co Thach meaning "old rocks" is littered with dramatic rocks of all sizes and colors. 



Rocky dunes near the shore get covered in green moss at the end of spring. Here they are in the middle of March.




Heaven at sea?




Co Thach beach lies 300 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City--90 kilometers north of Phan Thiet on National Highway 1A.
It is located in Binh Thanh Commune, Tuy Phong District of Binh Thuan Province. 
To get there, make a left at the T-junction of Lien Luong town and travel along the dirt road until you reach a stand of casuarina trees.
Photo credit: Atad-Zing
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