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3 amazing beaches that you must visit in Phu Quoc
By Thanh Nien News -
 Khem Beach on Phu Quoc Island. Photos credit: VietNamNet
  Khem Beach on Phu Quoc Island
  Khem Beach on Phu Quoc Island
Khem Beach (a.k.a Kem Beach)
Situated in the southern part of Vietnam’s largest island, the beach is just about two kilometers from An Thoi Town and 25 kilometers from Duong Dong, the island’s major town.
Hidden behind a green forest, the beach with white sand and crystal clear water offers an ideal hideaway for those who want to stay away from noisy and crowded destinations.
It is expected to be more popular as a company has invested in a large resort project. The road connecting the beach to Duong Dong Town is also being upgraded.
 Ong Lang Beach on the northern coast of Phu Quoc
  Ong Lang Beach on the northern coast of Phu Quoc
  Ong Lang Beach on the northern coast of Phu Quoc
Ong Lang Beach
Ong Lang Beach is some 10 kilometers north of Duong Dong, which can be reached by taxi or tourists can rent motorbikes in town and drive here. Not well known among tourists, Ong Lang offers an even a more pristine look than Khem Beach.
A corner of Ganh Dau Beach
 The beach is also a docking place for many fishing boats
 Tourists can buy fresh seafood right on the beach.
Ganh Dau Beach
Ganh Dau is 20 kilometers from Duong Dong Town. It can be reached via an unpaved road which cuts through a primitive forest. Midway, tourists can visit a temple of Nguyen Trung Truc (1838-1868), who led a revolution against the French in southern Vietnam in the 19th century.
Ganh Dau is situated at the eponymous cape that is shaped like the mouth of a fish with a shaking tail. 
Many fishing boats often drop by and tourists can buy fresh seafood and ask local restaurants to help them cook.