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What you're missing at the Mobile World Congress
By Bloomberg -
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which runs from Feb. 22-25, sees more than 2,000 exhibitors and some 100,000 professionals gather in an arena bursting with networking opportunities. The event is a chance for industry insiders to exchange ideas and showcase new products and technologies, including anything from health monitors and mobile devices to digital security.
All smiles
Delegates use Gear VR headsets at the 'Samsung Unpacked' launch event ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb. 21. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and Samsung Electronics President Koh Dong Jin attend the 'Samsung Unpacked' launch event.
Facebook needs mobile phone data networks to work better and faster. So they’re asking telecommunications companies to work with them and share designs, in an initiative that could accelerate the spread of 5G connectivity. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
In attendance
A delegate photographs the unveiling of the LG G5 smartphone. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 Yellow submarine
Delegates try a virtual reality submarine experience on the SK Telecom stand - the company is South Korea's largest mobile operator. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 All angles covered
A Samsung Galaxy S7 alongside the new Samsung Gear 360 camera - which features two back-to-back fisheye lenses that each can capture a 180-degree image and stream it to the S7, earlier S6 models and the Note 5. Bloomberg/Luke MacGregor
 Constellation of Galaxies
The new Samsung Galaxy S7 models are waterproof for as long as 30 minutes in water 1.5 meters deep and come in gold, silver, white and black.
Samsung’s efforts to win back customers saw it keep the form and shape of last year’s models while fixing its shortcomings and touting their potential role in the potential virtual reality boom. Bloomberg/Luke MacGregor 
Richard Yu
Huawei Technologies CEO Richard Yu unveils the new Huawei Matebook tablet. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
A delegate tries the newly unveiled Huawei Matebook tablet - the device is the company's first Windows 10 tablet. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
 You looking at me?
A delegate tries on a Samsung Gear VR headset - some operators could include a free Gear VR headset with the Galaxy S7, the company said without elaborating. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
A pedestrian walks past a sign reading #MWC2016 - the event is a key chance for industry insiders to exchange ideas and showcase new products and technologies. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
 Lend me your ear
Sony's Xperia Ear wireless earpiece - used alongside an app loaded onto the user's phone the technology works as a computerized personal assistant. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 Tech wall
LG G5 smartphones on display - the company has brought back expansion slots... Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 Modular sounds
...such as the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play module which allows for greater sound fidelity. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 Play time
A pair of Bang and Olufsen headphones on display next to an LG G5 smartphone. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe
 Keep on rolling
The remote-controlled LG Rolling Bot can stream images and video and your G5 smartphone. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe
A delegate tries a set of LG 360 VR goggles. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 Mass media
Members of the media review the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones at the 'Samsung Unpacked' launch event. The phones go on sale on March 11 sporting a 5.1-inch screen, with a larger 5.5-inch Edge model equipped with the same kind of wraparound display the company debuted last year. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 Gone fishing
A Lenovo Moto G phone is plunged into a fish tank. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
 IBM robot
Delegates look at a robot powered by IBM Watson technology. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
A delegate tries a virtual reality ski-jump experience using an Oculus Rift VR headset on the Korea Telecom stand. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
Child's play
A delegate handles a T Kids Phone JooN wearable phone - a wearable 3G device for children that can be worn as a wristwatch or necklace. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena
 Brian Krzanich
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich holds aloft a microchip during his keynote session. Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe 
 Smile, you're on camera
The venue for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Bloomberg/Pau Barrena