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This iPhone 6 Plus knock-off looks ridiculously real, runs Android
By Thanh Luan - Thanh Nien News -
The phone is sold widely in Vietnam for around $170, or only a quarter of the price of the real Apple product
 A fake iPhone 6 Plus' package is identical to that of an authentic one.
 The box's back side is also printed with the phone's origin information.
 It comes with full accessories -- Lightning to USB cable, power adapter, and EarPods. There is even a manual.
 Its home button
 It is almost impossible to tell the phone from a real one.
 The edge is the same.
 Lightning connector, headphone minijack, microphone, and built-in speaker
 The phone's back side 
 The fake phone is placed on top of a real one.
The welcome screen is also similar.
 And similar icons for the apps.
 The setting options are also functional.
 Touch ID actually works.
 This however gives it away: the phone can only access the Google Play store, rather than the Apple Store. People can check if their phone is fake with its IMEI number, which can be retrieved by dialing #06#, or opening Setting, choosing General and then About. The number's authenticity can be tested on