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Over 1,000 Vietnamese websites hacked by Chinese during weekend: report
By Thanh Nien News -

Chinese hackers left messages that defaced a Vietnamese website during an attack last weekend. Photo credit:

More than 1,000 Vietnamese websites, mostly belonging to government agencies and education organizations, were hacked during the weekend, according to a report the country’s leading internet security forum
The hackers left messages related to disputes on the East Sea -- the Vietnamese term for the South China Sea -- and they were alleged to be Chinese, the report said. 
The attacks happened while the regional security forum --  Shangri-La Dialogue 2015 -- was taking place in Singapore and discussions about the disputes between China and some Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam and the Philippines, were underway.
According to, more than 200 Philippine websites were also hacked.
Ta Duc Thien, an expert in charge of web security at BKAV, said the hackers defaced the websites, with the same techniques they used last year to attack hundreds of Vietnamese websites.