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Rio Olympic woes
By Reuters -
A woman is transported to an ambulance after being hit by an overhead television camera that fell and injured two people near the Olympic Park venues for basketball and judo. REUTERS/Toru Hanai 
Ryan Lochte and three fellow American swimmers were robbed by a group of armed men posing as police. The gunmen stole their cash and wallets, he said. They let the swimmers keep their cell phones and credentials. REUTERS/David Gray 
The water in the Rio Olympics diving pool was bright green on Tuesday, baffling competitors in the women's synchronized event, who said they could not see their partner underwater. REUTERS/Antonio Bronic 
The mysterious shade of the water, which contrasted sharply against the blue of the pool beside it, was also clearly visible on television to millions of viewers around the world, many of whom joked about algae and dye on social media. REUTERS/Antonio Bronic 
On Tuesday night, a bus was ferrying journalists from a basketball venue to the Olympics media center when projectiles shattered two windows. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton 
Some passengers said they heard gunshots but a police investigation concluded that they were stones. Two people suffered minor lacerations in the incident. REUTERS/Adrees Latif 
The games got off to a shambolic and nervous start with organizers apologizing to angry fans kept waiting for hours at security checkpoints to enter venues while, outside, shootings and bomb scares kept visitors on edge. REUTERS/Issei Kato 
Police discovered a second bullet inside the Olympic equestrian center close to the stable area, a security source said on Wednesday, the second time a stray shot has been picked up at the venue over the past week. On Saturday, a stray bullet tore through the roof of the equestrian press center, passing over the head of the New Zealand press attache and landing at the feet of a photographer. REUTERS/Tony Gentile 
Leading up to the games, concern flared over pollution levels in Rio's Guanabara Bay and nearby sea, where sailing, windsurfing and long-distance swimming events are being held. Two academic studies showed the waters were infected by drug-resistant super bacteria and microbes normally found only in hospitals. More worrying for many competitors is the floating debris which could crash against boats and slow them down in the competition. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares 
Winds wreaked havoc on the second full day of competition, forcing the cancellation of rowing races and delays to tennis and kayaking, while spectators ran for cover from flying signs, cafe umbrellas and other debris torn from their moorings. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth 
Pedestrians help a woman who was injured when an advertising sign blew over in a wind storm in the Copacabana neighborhood . REUTERS/Andrew Downie 
A loud blast shook the media seats near the finishing line of the men's cycling road race on the first day when Brazil's bomb squad detonated an unattended backpack, amid tight security at South America's first Games. Police have detonated several unattended bags in controlled explosions around Rio since the games began. Protocol requires any unattended objects to be destroyed. REUTERS/Paul Hanna