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Youth admits to unfeeling posts on central Vietnam accident

A 20-year-old man has confesse to police in the northern province of Yen Bai that he had posted the outrage-stirring status updates on Facebook about a fatal accident involving his friend, the Tuoi Tre newspaper reported Saturday.

Dang Manh Linh made the confession about one week after police launched a search for the Facebook user, nicknamed Keo Mut Choi Boi (roughly translated into Playboy Lollipop).

According to police, on November 1, Linh was riding pillion on a motorbike driven by his friend, 24-year-old Doan Dinh Hiep, when they crashed into Nguyen Huu Giang, 58. 

When the man succumbed to multiple injuries the day after, Linh announced it on his Facebook wall, calling on his friends to buy lottery tickets, mentioning that the deceased was born on 1953. In Vietnam, lottery addicts believe that tickets with numbers associated to deaths are more likely to win.

In response to hundreds of comments mostly from outraged people who condemned him for being cruel and ruthless, Linh wrote that the incident didn't matter much to him, and that he was more concerned that the accident had caused them to "miss more important things."

The netizens' outrage soon grabbed headlines in the local media, prompting police to investigate the case and hunt down the Facebook user.

However, police said they will transfer Linh's case to his local authorities or school for dealing with, using educational measures, given that current laws don't mention such cases, the newspaper reported.


Police look for Facebook user who boasted causing fatal accident

According to the Tuoi Tre report, Linh said that he regreted his comments and apologized to Giang's family and other people involved.

In the meantime, police said that since the accident was Giang's fault, Hien is not likely to face criminal charges.