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Workers of Korean company stop working for strike issues
By Dinh Phu-Duc Tien - Thanh Nien News -

Workers at South Korean-invested Shilla Bags Vietnam Workers at South Korean-invested Shilla Bags Vietnam

Workers at a South Korean-invested company in Ho Chi Minh City stopped working Friday to protest the company’s refusal to pay them two strike days’ salary.
On Thursday, around 900 workers of Shilla Bags Vietnam, which manufactures bags in District 12, went on a strike, demanding the company to ease regulations related to toilet time, fix broken toilets and ensure better meals.
The workers said the company only allowed them to go to the toilet between 8:30 and 10 every morning, making each worker must show a pass card before entering the toilets.
They said many of the women's toilets were out of order.
The workers also complained about unhygienic meals, with rocks in the rice and maggots in soy sauce.
The company’s management board then promised to consider the workers’ demands.
On Friday, a number of workers continued to strike as they heard the company would fire five workers for allegedly leading the strike Thursday.
The company held a meeting with the workers and promised to fix the broken toilets, to open toilets all day during working hours and to improve the quality of the meals.
The company refused the workers’ request to be paid for Thursday and Friday.
The workers then stopped working, saying they would not work in the days to come if their request continues to be rejected.
Nguyen Hung, an officer of District 12 Labor Federation, told Thanh Nien it is illegal for the company to fire the alleged leaders of the strike.
The company’s leaders could not be contacted for comment.

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