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Weekly roundup: Foreign home ownership, visa waivers, education rankings, and more

Vietnam to allow foreigners to own homes for 100 years

The relaxation of foreign ownership restrictions in July is expected to boost the country's ailing real estate market.

Vietnam, Philippines cheer as US ‘plays chicken’ with China

Vietnam, the Philippines throw support behind plans to beef up the US military presence near China's newly-built islands.

Vietnam lets visa-free tourists stay longer

The government has also ordered the tourism ministry to propose a list of more countries to be exempted from visas.

'What's a condom?': Factory workers and unsafe sex

Many factory workers know little about safe sex and nearly one in three are not aware of the need to use condoms.

Vietnam overtakes US, most of EU in global education rankings

Vietnam ranks 12th out of 76 economies in the new OECD education survey, above many richer economies.

Son Doong Cave is magnificent in 'Good Morning America'

The extraordinary cave in northern Vietnam appeared in the popular morning talk show this week.