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Vietnamese shot in Taiwan, alleged to be illegal worker
By Thanh Nien News -
A Vietnamese worker was shot by police in Taipei Sunday while trying to escape a roadside inspection, Taiwanese national news agency reported.
The Central News Agency (CNA), citing a police statement, said the man was in a taxi when four police officers pulled the car over for an inspection at around 1 a.m.
Lin Chieh-wei, a senior officer, told CNA that the police “sensed that something was wrong because the passenger looked nervous.”
Lin said when an officer asked the Vietnamese for his ID, the man did not respond but pushed the officer and ran.
After a 250-meter chase, one officer fired five “warning shots” to the ground, one of which hit the man’s right hip, Lin said.
The man fell, was arrested and taken to the hospital.
Police said he remained conscious and has been stable.
Initial investigation found the Vietnamese man came to Taiwan to work in 2011 and was reported missing two years later. He allegedly fled on Sunday out of fear of giving away his runaway status.
The man is facing charges of obstructing an officer on duty.
There are around 164,000 Vietnamese working in Taiwan, nearly 30 percent of the country’s overseas workforce.
But there has been a high rate of them quitting in the middle of their contracts to find jobs that pay better to help them pay off the expensive fee charged by Vietnamese labor export companies – around US$7,000 a person.
Some 1,100 Vietnamese workers in Taiwan broke their contracts every month in 2015, almost twice 2014’s monthly average, according to official data.