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Vietnamese mother says her daughter was sexually assaulted, seeks justice
By Thanh Nien News -

The mother (L) and her daughter in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Vo Tien/Thanh Nien The mother (L) and her daughter in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Vo Tien/Thanh Nien

A mother from the Mekong Delta Province of Long An is seeking help from local media, claiming the police's investigation into the alleged sexual assault of her 10-year-old daughter has not made any progress over the past two months.
The mother has recently met with Thanh Nien reporters in Ho Chi Minh City to raise her concerns over the slow legal procedure. 
She said on April 20 she came home from work and could not find her daughter.
Then she saw the girl running out of a neighbor’s house. The mother said she noticed that the man inside the house was fixing his clothes. 
The mother then questioned her daughter and after a while, the girl reportedly told her that the man forced her to remove her clothes and sexually assaulted her. 
“When my daughter said he had done that to her several times before, I fainted,” she told Thanh Nien reporters.
The woman said when she reported the case to Thu Thua District Police, medical examiners did check the girl. The family however has never been notified of any findings. 
She said the suspect has not been arrested after being questioned by the police. 
The mother has met with local police many times since but the case appears to be going nowhere, she said. 
“I want the man responsible for the crime to be punished,” she said.
The woman, whose husband died late last year in a road crash, is working in a garment factory. She is taking care of her daughter and her mother.
Thu Thua District Police has not commented on the case's progress.
Vietnam deals with sex crimes strictly. Having sex with a child under 13 years old in any circumstances is treated as child rape in Vietnam and is punishable by up to death. 
Child rapes account for nearly two-thirds of the average of 1,000 sexual assaults reported in the country each year.