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Vietnamese judge faces charges for lenient sentencing in gambling case
By Thai Son - Thanh Nien News -
Investigators from the Supreme Court on Friday proposed charges against a judge in Ninh Binh Province for handing out a light sentence to a man who was found guilty of organizing gambling activities in a "very serious" case. 
The investigators have reviewed a trial in September 2013 presided over by Nguyen Thanh Doan, deputy head judge at the provincial court. 
They found that the defendant, Bui Hong Luan, committed the new crime while serving a suspended sentence. 
Judge Doan, however, did not take Luan's previous conviction into consideration. 
He sentenced him to 27 months of non-custodial reform, a penalty that often applies to persons committing less serious crimes with no prior convictions.  
Doan said at the trial that it was the first criminal offense committed by the defendant and it was not a serious violation. 
The Supreme Court's investigators however believed the case was "very serious" with 20 people involved, including one who is still wanted by the police.