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Vietnamese driver detained for violent attack on traffic cop
By Thanh Nien News -
A still from a video clip showing Tran Quang Do throwing major Ngo Hong Hai to the ground
Thanh Hoa police have arrested a 20-year-old man after a video depicting his violent attack on a traffic cop went viral over the weekend.
Tran Quang Do faces charges of “opposing a government official on-duty”, a crime punishable by up to three years in prison.
On Sunday (May 10) Major Ngo Hong Hai pulled Do over in front of the Vinaconex Supermarket in Thanh Hoa after seeing him run a red light.
Do refused to produce his motorbike registration or driver's license and attacked the officer when he tried to prevent him from driving away.
In the video, Do threw major Hai to the ground and kicked him hard.
The man fled after backup arrived at the scene; Do turned himself later that day and admitted to attacking Maj. Hai.
According to the officer's report, Do threw him to the ground after he attempted to to seize his motorbike key and prevent his flight.
Maj. Hai drew his gun and fired a warning shot but failed to stop Do from assaulting him.
Maj. Hai was admitted to the hospital where doctors found several bruises on his neck, shoulders and back.
The attack in Thanh Hoa was witnessed by a supermarket guard and onlookers.
VietNamNet quoted an anonymous xe om (motorbike taxi driver) as saying that a crowd of supermarket customers ran out to watch the incident.
“We weren't happy to see the assault on a traffic cop. However, we didn't dare to stop or speak a word for fear of being attacked at the scene or targeted for revenge”
“We're xe om drivers. It would be easy for him to find us and take revenge. If he dared to beat up a cop, just think what he'd do to us,” he said.

Do's attack came as part of a recent nationwide rash of violence against police during the past week.
On May 8, Ho Chi Minh City police arrested 25-year-old Nguyen Thi Bich Van after she fought with a traffic cop who pulled her over in Thu Duc District’s Nguyen Van Ba Street.
She refused to comply with the officer's order for her to submit to a breathalyzer while yelling and shoving the officer. The woman punched another officer in the face before being taken to a nearby police station, where she continued to insult them.
On May 6, Long An police arrested three men on similar charges of opposing government officials on duty.
Tran Minh Hai, Nguyen Trinh Dang Khoa and Nguyen Duc Anh were pulled over by traffic cops in Chau Thanh District who suspected them of drinking and driving.
While police were documenting the case, Khoa and Anh snatched their motorbike key and threw it away; while Hai grabbed a cop's sidearm and attempted to fire it.
The safety catch saved the officers' lives.

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