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Vietnam police rescue 2 trafficked babies
By Dam Huy - Thanh Nien News -

Ngo Thi Lan, the alleged leader of a baby trafficking ring recently busted by Ho Chi Minh City police Ngo Thi Lan, the alleged leader of a baby trafficking ring recently busted by Ho Chi Minh City police

Ho Chi Minh City police said Monday they had rescued two more newborns sold to a local woman from members of a national baby trafficking ring.
The two babies have been brought to an orphanage in the city, according to police.
More than one month ago, Tran Ngoc Quy, a 44-year-old member of the aforesaid ring, approached two women who had just given birth to a boy and a girl at Tu Du Hospital in the city.
Quy persuaded the women, who were in financial difficulties, to sell their babies to her for VND10 million each.
The women agreed. Later, Quy handed the babies to Ngo Thi Lan, the alleged 44-year-old ringleader, who then sold the babies to a local woman known only as C.
C. told police that she bought the babies because she couldn't reproduce, and that she was not involved to any baby trafficking ring.
HCMC police busted the ring, which stretched as far as China, and arrested Lan and her accomplices last month.
The ring members disguised themselves as xe om (motorbike taxi) drivers, food vendors and the like to approach unexpected pregnancy cases, They then provided the babies to dealers who resold them to infertile couples around the city and nearby provinces.
Police started investigating the case in the middle of 2013 and ramped up the probe after the ring’s link to China, Nguyen Thanh Hang, was arrested last August while attempting to bring two babies across the border.
Thuong, another alleged 35-year-old ring leader, said he had sold 20 newborns since last June for VND20-35 million each, several times more than their buying prices, and each member of the gang took between VND2-7 million from each sale.
He established a website and distributed leaflets with phone numbers in front of hospitals in the city, offering to sell sperm. He would then later tell interested customers the real "service" provided.
Further investigations are ongoing.

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