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Vietnam police probe knife-wielding gang raid at night club
By Le Lam - Thanh Nien News -
Police in Bien Hoa Town have summoned five suspects in an alleged gang fight outside a night club for questioning.
Colonel Tran Tien Dat, the police chief of Bien Hoa, refused to reveal the identities of the suspects, saying investigations are still underway.
The bar fight attracted public attention after several video clips capturing the scenes were posted on YouTube on Tuesday.
In the clips, dozens of young men drove motorbikes to the MTM night club on Vo Thi Sau St., brandishing scimitars, knives and iron bars.
As they tried to enter the club, security guards managed to close its doors. The raiders tried to strike and slash the doors with their weapons for about 4 minutes before leaving.
"They shouted, 'Hack ['em all]!' People in front of the club ran for their lives. It was like in a mafia movie," VnExpress quoted a witness as saying.
Col. Dat said the raid took place at midnight on Monday, after two groups of men picked up a fight.
He said the police had seized four scimitars allegedly left behind after the raid.
Photo: VnExpress