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Vietnam man allegedly kills wife, posts confession, apology on Facebook
By Thanh Nien News -

Screen capture of a Facebook posting in which the writer confessed to killing his wife.  Screen capture of a Facebook posting in which the writer confessed to killing his wife.

Facebook proves itself to be the most addicting social network in Vietnam with a man allegedly confessed on his Facebook page that he killed his wife.
Police in Hanoi on Wednesday said they are hunting for Cao Xuan Quat, 24, in connection with the murder of his wife, Nguyen Thi Anh Trang.
Trang’s body was found lying on the floor of her in-laws’ house in Bac Tu Liem Dist. on Dec. 19 afternoon.
At the crime scene, the police found a blood-stained wooden stool which they alleged had been used by the culprit to hit Trang in her head multiple times.
Trang, 24, succumbed to severe head injuries, the police said.
Investigators also found that VND50 million had been stolen from the house.
Quat has disappeared since his wife’s death.
On Tuesday, four days after the murder, a new posting was published on Quat’s Facebook page, in which the writer said he kept “thinking about how I could kill my wife, whom I love the most.”
“I am a murderer, I’m even worse than an animal,” read the posting.
“I can still smell blood on my hands and face,” it said. “Oh my wife, I’m so sorry…”
The writer said he couldn’t sleep because “every time I close my eyes I see your smiling face and I cry.”
He said he’s on the run because he has to “do something… right. After that I will follow [my wife]. Wait for me, my dear.”
Quat and Trang got married in mid-2013 and had a one-year-old son, their families said.
The couple were unemployed and recently had some conflicts, the police said.
Investigations are going on. Earlier on November, a court in Ho Chi Minh City handed down a death sentence to a local man, who had killed his ex-girlfriend before writing a confession on his Facebook timeline.
Dang Van Khuyen, 29, on April 2013 murdered his ex-girlfriend, who had decided to separate him because of his sickly jealousy.