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Vietnam fishing boat returns home after China’s attack off Hoang Sa
By Hien Cu - Thanh Nien News -
The fishing boat owned by Vo Ba Nha of Quang Ngai Province docks at a local port on May 30 after being attacked by a Chinese ship while fishing off Hoang Sa (Paracel) Islands two weeks ago
The Vietnamese fishing boat that came under attack by a Chinese ship in Vietnamese waters two weeks ago returned home to the central province of Quang Ngai on Friday.
The boat piloted and owned by Vo Ba Nha, 29, of Binh Son District, had anchored off of Cay Island in the Hoang Sa (Paracels) Archipelago on the evening of May 16 to fish.
After the crew dove into waters around the boat, a Chinese ship coded 306 appeared on the horizon.
Capt. Nha signaled crew members who were diving under the sea to quickly get aboard and directed the boat away from the ship.
After being chased for several hours, the Vietnamese ship was overtaken by the Chinese vessel which opened fire with a water cannon. The Chinese crew members threw stones and hard objects into the Vietnamese boat, shattering the windows to its wheel house.
“I drove the boat at top speed to evade the Chinese ship while other fishermen tried to cover the windows with other objects to save themselves from the large stones being hurled into the boat,” Nha recalled.
The Chinese ship only gave up their chase in the early morning of May 17 when the boat was several dozen nautical miles away from Cay Island.
Although the boat was badly damaged, the fishermen remained at sea to continue fishing.
According to authorities in Binh Chau Commune (where the boat is registered) four local fishing boats have been attacked by Chinese ships off Hoang Sa, since early May.
Some fishermen aboard the boats were beaten up and robbed by Chinese crew members while fishing in their customary spots.
Windows of a Vietnamese fishing boat broken by a Chinese crew who hurled stones and hard objects at the ship

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