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Vietnam cops still tracking Lao fugitive after 'crazy' car chase
By Ngoc Minh - Thanh Nien News -
A Lao truck damaged in a daring escape from Hanoi and Thanh Hoa police. The four passengers were suspected drug traffickers. PHOTO BY TR. DAI

Police in Thanh Hoa Province have recovered documents they believe describe a heroin trafficking operation in a Laos-licensed truck that deliberately struck local police during a daring escape from a Hanoi police station.
Nearly 100 police officers were still hunting for the unidentified Lao driver on Friday afternoon after he fled into the jungle after crashing the truck into a cordon of police officers.
The recovered documents include a notebook and several sheets of paper carefully hidden in the vehicles interior.
The documents feature notes in Lao and Vietnamese script describing sales of “melons” which the police suspect is slang for heroin.
One line says: “Three melons were sold, getting payment for two, one is owed.”
A source told Thanh Nien police believe that the four people inside the truck were returning to Laos after completing a drug transaction in Vietnam.
The car was first stopped, Thursday, by Hanoi police, who found the four people aboard were carrying around US$68,000 in cash and a knife.
The suspects were brought to a station, where the driver started the car using a back-up key and rammed through the station gate.
Hanoi police notified colleagues in Thanh Hoa who set up roadblocks.
A Thanh Hoa police officer said they tried to stop the car which was speeding “crazily” and “without regard for human life.”
It was a dangerous job “because the driver was very irritated and willing to kill anyone in its path to escape,” the officer said.
One officer was injured in the effort.

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