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Video shows foreigner stopping Hanoi woman from driving on walking street
By Thanh Nien News -

A video of a foreign man stopping a Vietnamese woman from driving on a walking street in Hanoi has gone viral on the Internet, prompting wide criticism over the bad habit of many locals.
The 33-second video shows the apparent furious foreigner standing in front of the woman’s motorbike, shouting: “Walk! So easy! Get off your bike!”
The woman refused to do so at the beginning. However, she finally surrendered after the man kept blocking her way. 
“I understood what he said but I just didn't like it," she told passers-by later. 
After she left, he clapped and said “Very good,” before continuing his walk.
The video has attracted the attention of many local netizens. 
“She said she understood what he said but she did not like it? That is shameful!” Anh Doan said in a comment on Vitalk news website.
“It’s not only her. Many Vietnamese people just do what they want without caring about others,” a reader wrote on news website VnExpress.
“Lucky he's a foreigner. A local would have been yelled and cursed at for doing so,” another said.