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Tourist says robbed in broad daylight in Ho Chi Minh City
By Trung Hieu - Bui Thu - Thanh Nien News -
A Polish tourist was robbed of her phone on a bridge in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday afternoon, just two days after arriving in the city.
Arkadiusz Chabrowski, told Thanh Nien that a man on a motorbike snatched the phone from his girlfriend Katarzyna Regula when they were checking a map on the phone.
They were standing on a bridge between District 7 and 1, he said.
He said his girlfriend cried a lot because the phone was worth more than US$1,000 and it had many photos they have taken in Vietnam and in recent trips to India, Malaysia and Singapore.
Chabrowski said they were both tired and upset after the incident.
But he said they do not hold it against anyone but the robber. 
He said many Vietnamese have sent him kind messages on Facebook after learning about their story and some Vietnamese friends have invited them to dinners. 
Local police said the tourists have not reported the case, but with information from the press, they will look into it.
A Thanh Nien investigation found that five Cambodian tourists in early February were robbed of their bags containing three cell phones and $3,000 in the same area the Polish couple was standing.
Police have not found the robbers.
Vietnam has been making various efforts to promote tourism. Foreign arrivals to the country increased 16 percent in the first two months, compared to the same period last year, largely thanks to the 15-day visa waivers offered to tourists from many Asian and European countries.
But at the same time, many tourists say they feel discouraged by reports of street crimes, especially in large cities.
Street crime remains a popular topic on global travel forums about HCMC, where police last year worked on more than 130 robbery and snatch-and-run cases involving foreign tourists.
The phone robbery against the Polish couple happened just one week after two motorbike riders snatched a bag from an Egyptian woman in the city, who was also checking a map. 
The city earlier this week held a press conference and publicly apologized to her, promising to improve security.