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Three arrested for killing of 9 endangered primates in central Vietnam
By Thanh Nien News -

A black-shanked douc. File photo A black-shanked douc. File photo

Three men have been detained for an investigation into the killing of nine black-shanked doucs, an endangered species found in central Vietnamese forests, police said Monday.
Giang Seo De, 35, Ly A Thanh, 28, and Giang Seo Chua, 19, were caught transporting nine gutted, dried primates in Khanh Hoa District, on Jul. 11, the police said.
The trio said they had shot the creatures in a forest in Khanh Hoa.
They were arrested on Monday after tests confirmed that the animals they hunted were indeed the black-shanked doucs (Pygathrix Nigripes).
According to a research by global primate experts at the Fauna and Flora Organization last year, Vietnam is in a dire situation with an increase in critically endangered species, including the black-shanked douc.