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The simplicity of genius: Ho Chi Minh City's unique signboards
By Thanh Nien News -

They put up an item representing what they are selling on a nearby sidewalk

A motorbike mechanic hangs tyres on an electric pole. Most cannot afford a proper shop or signboard and operate mainly on sidewalks, but this mechanic has at least made an effort to make the old tyres look nice by wrapping them in shiny plastic. Photos: Le Quan/Zing
A piece of paper folded into a funnel shape and stuck into a brick means someone is selling gasoline. A water bottle is also used by some. Though the oil sold in this manner could well be dodgy, it is a life saver for people whose vehicles run dry in the middle of the street.
This sign on Truong Chinh Street in Tan Binh District means people can both get gasoline and their bikes fixed.
Feathers mean there is livestock for sale. The sign is more common in outlying districts like Binh Tan, Go Vap, and Hoc Mon.
Gasoline sellers on major roads like Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard and National Highway 1A hang empty bottles on trees since they target truck and bus drivers, who might not notice a paper funnel on a sidewalk.
Someone selling coffee only needs to lay out cardboard sheets to notify customers. The sheets are used to sit at many such impromptu cafés at the Notre Dame Cathedral Park and Turtle Lake.
A local would know there is a locksmith around when they see such steel sheets shaped like keys.
 This string of empty cans and bottles is seen outside a shop selling beverages.
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