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The razor-thin houses of Hanoi
By Thanh Nien News -
A triangular house which is only one meter in its narrowest side stands by a newly expanded road in Hanoi. Road widening projects often encroach on residential spaces, creating tiny houses of various (and weird) shapes and sizes. Many affected residents choose to stay because all patches of land in the city, no matter how small, are expensive. Photos: Le Hieu/Zing
The house has been rented out as business offices.  
 This house of around two meters wide is squeezed between bigger houses.
 A tiny pest control shop which is just more than one meter deep.
A closer look at the shop. 
 Another thin house has opened a restaurant on the ground floor.
This house is barely thicker than a utility pole. At least the wall can serve as a storefront? 
 Another triangular house on the road. The 6.4-kilometer part of Belt Road No.2 runs from Nhat Tan Ward in Tay Ho District to Cau Giay District. The project cost US$286 million.
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