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Taiwanese firm caught dumping untreated waste in southern Vietnam

A Taiwanese company based in southern Vietnam was Monday found discharging untreated wastewater into the environment.

Police in Dong Nai Province, the industrial hub neighboring Ho Chi Minh City, said they caught embroidering company Liberty Lace releasing the waste from its dyeing factory into an underground reservoir linked to its storm water drainage system.

The waste was thus absorbed in the soil further down the line, the police said.

A company spokesperson said the dying factory had been operating since February 2006, discharging around 35 cubic meters of wastewater a day in this manner.

Samples of the foul-smelling, sediment-filled wastewater have been taken for testing.

The police, who are continuing their investigations, have sealed pumps that enabled the discharge of the wastewater.

The company exports embroidered lace to the Middle East and Asian countries.

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