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Stuck in traffic? Guess how many new vehicles appear on Saigon streets every day
By Thanh Nien News -

Cars take over a Ho Chi Minh City street. Photo: Anh Quan/TBKTSG Cars take over a Ho Chi Minh City street. Photo: Anh Quan/TBKTSG

Nearly 900 new vehicles are registered in Ho Chi Minh City every day, putting even more pressure on the already strained infrastructure, new statistics showed. 
New cars are turning up at a very fast pace. According to the city transport department, 41,774 new cars were registered in the first ten months this year, or 139 cars a day. That was a sharp increase of 39 percent from last year's daily average. 
The number of new motorbikes on the other hand was around 750 a day, down 25 percent from last year.
The city government in September raised the registration fees for cars more than five times to VND11 million (US$470) and motorbikes 50 percent to VND1.5-3 million ($68-135), in an attempt to contain the robust growth of personal vehicles.
Yet people have continued to bring new bikes and cars to the street, raising the total number of registered vehicles in the city to more than 7.2 million, including more than 500,000 cars and trucks, as of the end of October.
The department estimated that there are also around one million vehicles brought in by migrants from other cities and provinces.
Ho Chi Minh City has yet to develop a public transport system to meet the huge demand of commuters. The number of its public bus passengers in the first half fell 8.9 percent year-on-year.
Officials from the public transport management center have admitted that some routes are not well linked to the others and they are subject to usual changes due to road constructions.
Other problems are speeding drivers and the lack of staff support for disabled travelers or lack of respect for customers using subsidized tickets.
The city is now building its metro system, but the first line linking the downtown with District 9 will only be put into use in 2018, if there is no delay.