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Prospectors flee central Vietnam mine after accident kills one
By Hien Cu - Thanh Nien News -

Gold miners leave an illegal mine Quang Ngai Province after an accident killed one of them and injured another the night of July 23, 2014. Photo credit: Tien Phong


They just left home several days earlier with shovels, some rice, pots and bottles for water

Their luggage is gathered for police checks the morning of July 24, 2014 after news of the fatal accident spread

Several men share a pot of rice cooked on the way home

A police officer makes an attempt to warn the men not to come back for their own safety

A man signs to commit not to come back for gold mining

Some mining tools seized by the police

Hundreds of workers left an illegal gold mine in a central Vietnamese forest on Wednesday night after one of them was killed and another injured in an accident, local authorities said.
The workers were digging the mine on the Su Mountain in Tra Xing Commune, Quang Ngai Province, on Wednesday night when a tree and rocks fell on them, witnesses said.
Dinh Van So, 36, was killed immediately. Another worker who was not identified broke his leg.
Their colleagues then removed tents and left the site, carrying the victims with them.
Local police officers have seized many gold mining tools from the site on Thursday and warned the illegal prospectors not to return for their own safety, especially amid the monsoon season.
Dinh Van Thuong, chief police officer of Tra Xing Commune, told Tien Phong newspaper that the miners, reportedly of H're and Cadong ethnic group, held strong belief that bad luck follows someone's death, and therefore left the site immediately after the accident.
They had been drawn to the area early this week by rumors of other illegal miners hitting it big there.