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Pork, buffalo meat sold as fake beef in Hanoi
By Lien Chau - Thanh Nien News -
Vietnamese authorities on Thursday said tests found a "considerable" amount of beef sold in Hanoi was actually pork and buffalo meat.
The National Food Safety and Hygiene Testing Institute took 109 samples of beef, beef sausageand other products at retail shops, supermarkets and pho noodle shops for testing.
Among 44 samples of beef, eight was pork and one was buffalo meat. Notably, tests found no beef in eight of 23 samples of beef sausage. The remaining samples contained “very low” content of beef.
Similar results were announced with other beef products. According to the institute, the processed products that had no or low content of beef still had the flavor and color of beef. It means the manufacturers used food additives and coloring.
It said local authorities should conduct further investigations to see if harmful additives and coloring were used.