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Police look for Facebook user who boasted causing fatal accident

Police in the northern province of Yen Bai said Saturday, Nov 5 they were looking for a person who posted a status update on Facebook that he/she and a friend fatally had hit an elderly man with their motorbike.

The man, nicknamed Keo Mut Choi Boi (roughly translated into Playboy Lollipop), wrote on his Facebook wall on November 2 that the 58-year-old man that they crashed their motorbike into had died at 5:07p.m.

The person also called on friends on Facebook to buy lottery tickets, mentioning that the deceased was born on 1953. (In Vietnam, lottery addicts believe that tickets with numbers associated to deaths are more likely to win)

One day earlier, Keo Mut Choi Boi wrote on his/her Facebook wall: "We have just hit a man in his 60s"¦ very likely to die."

The statuses received hundreds of comments, mostly from outraged people who condemned him for being cruel and ruthless.

The person, meanwhile, replied that the incident did not matter much to him/her. "How unlucky we were," Keo Mut Choi Boi wrote wrote, "It doesn't matter that we had to pay for his treatment and his funeral fees, but what annoyed us is that we missed more important things to do."

After being informed of the case, local police suspected the 58-year-old man mentioned was Nguyen Huu Giang, who was hit by a motorbike on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in Yen Bai City at around 8 p.m. on November 1.

Giang was on the way home from his office when Doan Dinh Hiep, 24, crashed his bike into him. Hiep's 20-year-old friend, Dang Manh Linh, was riding pillion.

Giang succumbed to multiple injuries on November 2.

Hiep told the police he was answering a call on his mobile phone while driving, which distracted him and caused the accident.

Police are still investigating the case. No conclusions have been made about Hiep or Linh being the person who posted the updates on Facebook.

Meanwhile, many Facebook users joined online groups to protest Keo Mut Choi Boi, who they said was Linh.

The Facebook account of Keo Mut Choi Boi has been deactivated.