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People urged to move out of sinking condos in Vietnam hub
By Dinh Son - Thanh Nien -

Thanh Da Peninsula (in purple lines) is surrounding by the Saigon River and Thanh Da Canal

Ho Chi Minh City authorities have urged people living in 280 apartments in Thanh Da peninsula to move out immediately since they are sinking dangerously.

Binh Thanh District authorities said at a press conference last Thursday that residents need to prepare to move from blocks 4 and 6 of Thanh Da Apartment Building, which was built in the early 1970s.

Surveys by Saigon Construction Quality Control JSC as long ago as in 2005 found the two blocks leaning and sinking and facing the threat of collapse, they said.

Duong Hong Thang, deputy chairman of Binh Thanh, asked about the long delay since, said it was because the occupants demanded to be relocated within the district.

New apartments are expected to be ready by June and “so now is a convenient time to organize the moving,” Thang was quoted as saying by Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer)  newspaper.

The displaced people will be allocated apartments of similar size as the ones they have now.

Most of them rent the apartments from the government, and would be charged the same rates for the new ones, the leaders said.

Thang said they are discussing the compensation amounts and expect to finalize the amount by October.

Initially each household will be provided VND6 million (US$285) for moving for which they have been given until the end of June.

Those cooperating and moving quickly will be awarded VND5 million, while reluctant ones would be evicted forcibly, the leaders said.

The government is taking measures to prevent further sinking and seeking investors.

Around 4,300 families live in 22 blocks at Thanh Da Apartment Building.

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