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Militiamen make biggest ever drug bust in Da Nang
By Thanh Nien News -
Authorities in Da Nang gave a reward of VND20 million (US$890) to a group of militiamen for making a huge drug bust in their neighborhood Sunday.
The militiamen of Hoa Vang District, who were patrolling at around 1:30 a.m., took a man on suspicion to the local police station.
Lai Thanh Quyet, 32, later admitted to selling 540 grams of heroin, which he had bought in Lao, to a person in the area.
Officers also found on him a pistol with six bullets and a stun gun.
The buyer, Le Van Hau, who was about to meet Quyet at the spot, was arrested soon afterwards. Hau told the police he intended to buy the drugs for VND356 million.
Officials said the seizure is the biggest drug bust ever in Da Nang.