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Mekong Delta police fire warning shots to stop brawl at night club
By Mai Tram - Thanh Nien News -
The V18 Club on Hai Ba Trung Street in Can Tho City's Ninh Kieu District. Photo: Mai Tram 
A video clip posted on YouTube shows police in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho firing several warning shots to stop a brawl at a local night club on Sunday evening.
The clip captures scenes of the brawl and the police’s crackdown outside the club.
After the clip went viral on the Internet, some news website reported the skirmish was between a group of tourists, including police officers from Hanoi, and the V18 Club's security guards at around 10 p.m. on Sunday. 
But Can Tho police later said in a press conference Monday that the Hanoi police officers did not cause the fight.
According to police, the tourists, including eight officers of Hanoi Traffic Police Division, took part in a boat tour on the Hau River before entering the night club.
After a young man in the club, who was not with the officers, asked to change the music and was refused by security guards, he started the fight. 
The man was injured in his head.
A Hanoi police officer tried to stop them and was also injured. 
The security guards closed the door of the club. 
Ninh Kieu District’s emergency police arrived and fired some warning shots to force the security guards to open the door.
The incident caused a chaotic scene around Ninh Kieu Pier, a popular tourist spot in Can Tho.
Police said they had arrested some people for involving in the brawl.
They are still investigating.