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Man gets life sentence after bomb sent to adversary explodes on bus, injuring 3
By Pham Duc - Thanh Nien News -
Le Duc De, 26, stands trial in Nghe An on June 23 after a bomb he sent to a rival businessman exploded in a bus, grievously injuring two people. Photo: Pham Duc
 Thai Viet Hao, the bus driver's assistant, lost both eyes and hands in the blast.
A window of the bus shattered in the explosion in September last year
A Nghe An court has handed down a life sentence to a 26-year-old construction worker for placing a bomb in a passenger bus that severely injured three people last September.
Le Duc De, plaster cladding worker, was convicted of murder and making explosives at his trial Tuesday.
According to the indictment, De had a conflict with a business adversary, Le Cong Tung, 27, who always undercut his prices.
He repeatedly called Tung and threatened to assault him.
He bought some explosives and a detonator to make the bomb, and hid it in a mini speaker.
On September 21, 2014, he gave the package to bus driver Phan Dinh Ninh, 39, for delivering to Tung.
A few days later Ninh’s assistant, Thai Viet Hao, 35, decided to open the package after failing to reach Tung because De had given a wrong number.
Finding the speaker, Hao turned it on only to set off the bomb.
Hao lost both eyes and hands and suffered severe injuries to his face and legs.
Ninh was injured in the back, and another assistant, Tran Van Tam, 34, in the face.
The 10 passengers who were in the bus were safe because they were seated at a distance.
According to a medical assessment, Hao suffered 98 percent injuries and Tam, 80 percent. Ninh got away with 15 percent injuries.
At the trial, De avoided looking back at his victims.
The court also ordered De to pay the three victims a total of VND663 million (US$30,400).
Hao said De’s family has never paid him a visit or compensation.
“I am always ready to forgive De’s crime against me. I only need some words showing they care.”
Hao’s wife Nguyen Thi Hien said she had to mortgage their house to pay for his treatment.
“We are in difficulties. Hao is unable to work and I struggle to earn a meager money running a sugarcane juice stall.”