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Man arrested for chaining son to pole, beating him
By Quoc Anh-Le Huy - Thanh Nien News -

Nguyen Kim Hoang and his 13-year-old son (small photo), who was chained on the neck Nguyen Kim Hoang and his 13-year-old son (small photo), who was chained on the neck

Police in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai have arrested a man for brutally beating up his 13-year-old son after tying him by his neck to a utility pole.
Nguyen Kim Hoang, 36, is detained for two months for investigation into the charge of intentionally inflicting injury injury on his son, known only as N., who lived with him after his divorce, police of Chu Prong District said.
According to the police, when Hoang came home drunk at noon on June 19, he found N. playing video games in an internet cafe in the neighborhood.
He forced N. to go home, the kicked him on the hips. He even brandished a knife and a hammer, threatening to cut off N.'s hand.
When N. kneeled down to beg for forgiveness, Hoang pick up a two-meter-long iron chain and put it around his son’s neck.
He then dragged N. to a utility pole in front of his house and tied him to it.
He used two more iron chains, each measuring 1.5 meters long, and to repeatedly hit his son, causing injuries on N.’s head and back.
Two neighbors, Vo Van Tan and Dinh Thi Bich Ngoc, had to persuade him to let them untie the boy and bring him to hospital for treatment of the wounds. However, as soon as N. was released from the chains, he ran away.
Hoang was furious and attacked Tan, who had to flee the scene.
Hoang then took a brush hook and went to look for Tan at his house, where he saw Ngoc instead.
He slashed Ngoc in the head with the brush hook. Fortunately Ngoc was wearing a motorbike helmet, which saved her life.
However, not only until July were local police aware of the incident after receiving local residents' report.
According to police, Hoang and his wife divorced in 2012, as his wife said he was usually drunk and beat up their two children.
His ex-wife, Ngo Thi Hong Nga, said Hoang attempted to commit suicide after she filed the divorce by stabbing himself in the stomach, but he was saved.
Neighbors said N. was hit many times by his father after the divorce.
Hoang told the police he beat up N. because N. usually truanted from school to play video games.
N. said Hoang told him that he would continue to beat him until "your mother returned."
N. now lives with his mother.
The Ministry of Public Security reported 1,771 cases of child abuse in 2013, with 1,824 child victims. However, this statistics only reflected "especially serious cases," children rights activists said.